1024programmer Photoshop Use Photoshop grayscale mode to bring out the soft monochrome tone of photos – character color correction

Use Photoshop grayscale mode to bring out the soft monochrome tone of photos – character color correction

Source: China Tutorial Network Author: Derek-Yu
This tutorial introduces how to quickly colorize photos in grayscale mode. PS is very powerful, and there are many functions that we have not touched. This tutorial is in grayscale mode, and then selects duotone to adjust the color. The color adjustment is very fast.

Final effect

Original picture

1. Open the material in PS and execute: Image > Mode > Grayscale (because in the RGB mode The image must be converted to grayscale before converting to duotone). At this time, PS will pop up a dialog box “Do you want to discard the color information?”, just select “Yes”.
2. Execute: Image》Mode》Dual Tone, select “Dual Tone” in the Duo Tone Options dialog box, as shown below:

Then click on the location shown in the picture below To change the color of the duotone, define a name after changing it.

After making changes, click OK. Get the effect as shown below:

3. Next, add a hazy effect: Press Ctrl+J to copy a layer, and execute on the copied layer: Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, with a blur radius of 8; then change the value of this copied layer. The layer mode is Overlay.
At this point, the beautiful effect comes out!
4. Finally execute: Image>Mode>RGB Color, switch the effect back to RGB mode, and you are done. You can also use different colors in the second step to create different effects.


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