1024programmer Photoshop Use Photoshop Shape Tool to Create Apple Personalized Signature Effect – Real Person Signature

Use Photoshop Shape Tool to Create Apple Personalized Signature Effect – Real Person Signature

Use Photoshop shape tools to create Apple’s personalized signature effectAuthor:SenerSource:PS Alliance
Use Apple’s graphics to create a personalized signature effect. We are usually used to being square. Positive photos, occasionally change the taste and replace her with other shapes to highlight your personality! The tutorial is just a reference, there are other more graphics waiting for you to create!
Final effect
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Material 1
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Material 2
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1. Create a new 670px * 450px file, fill the background with black, create a new layer and use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to draw a perfect circle, then press Ctrl Shift D. The Feather value is 45, and the fill color is #AD386F. The effect is as shown in Figure 1
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2. Open material 2 and use the magic wand to hook it out , drag it in and place it in place, then lock the layer and use the gradient tool to draw the gradient. The color settings and effects are as shown in Figure 2
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3. Duplicate the apple with the gradient just now, and then execute the menu: Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical to move it to the upright position For the bottom of the apple, add a mask and use a black and white gradient to draw the gradient. This is to create a reflection and try to reduce the transparency. After confirming, change the layer blending mode to “dissolve”. The approximate effect is as shown in Figure 3
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4. Open material 1, drag it in and place it directly above the apple, then bring up the selection of the apple, execute the menu: Select>Modify>Shrink the value to 3, press Ctrl Shift I to invert the selection. Press Delete to delete, do not cancel the selection after deletion, and then press Ctrl Shift I to invert the selection and create a new layer. Execute menu: Edit > Stroke size is 1 pixel, color: #DB4D8E, the effect is as shown in Figure 5
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5. Call up the Apple selection, execute the menu: Select > Modify > Shrink the value to 4, New On a layer, use the feathering brush tool with a white foreground color to paint the upper part such as the top of the main body of the apple, create highlights on the upper part of the leaves, and paint the bottom with black. The overall effect is as shown in Figure 6

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6. Create a new layer below the apple. When brushing, pay attention to constantly changing the color. For convenience, I have provided several main brush renderings as shown in Figure 8.
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7. Finally, add text to complete the final effect.
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