1024programmer Photoshop Use ps to easily create cool eyeballs – effect tutorial

Use ps to easily create cool eyeballs – effect tutorial

Use PS to easily create cool eyeballs

The color changes are endless. The color of any part can be changed, but the color changing techniques of each part are different. Take As for clothes, we only need to adjust the hue to change the color of clothes. We can directly change the color of hair by coloring it. Today, when it comes to eyes, when the eyes are dull and dull, they cannot be colored. So what should we do? Just add light to it. I use curves to do this. First select the eyeball with the lasso, then choose a color you like to fill it. Change the blending mode to color. We will find that there is no change because the eyeball is black. , it cannot be colored, so next I will use curves to adjust it, improve its brightness and contrast, so that the color can go up and the eyes will be more vivid. However, different situations have different processing methods. In some cases, it would be better to add some highlights directly with a brush. This is just a basic technique and is very useful for beginners.

Here is a simple tutorial for beginners to learn:

Look at the original picture and comparison picture first:

The following is the process:

1. Open the picture, create a new layer, use the lasso tool to select the eyeball, and then choose a color to fill it. I chose dark red here.

2. Set the blending mode of layer 1 to color.

3. Although it is colored now, the eyes are still dull. Next we Use curve adjustment to get the effect.

Curve adjustment parameters:

4. Finally, press Ctl Alt Shift E to make a stamp layer, then sharpen it and it’s OK.


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