googlenewsrecommendation-user personalized news recommendation based on click behavior

googlenewsrecommendation-user personalized news recommendation based on click behavior

1 Summary 2 Introduction News reading, with the development of the Internet, access methods have expanded from subscribing to print media to accessing a large number of online news sources. News aggregation websites, such as Google News and Yahoo News, collect data from different news websites and provide an aggregated view. A serious problem for such news service websites is that the number of articles is huge for users. So the challenge is how to help users find the news that interests them (Sounds so tempting). Content-based recommendation is a technical solution to solve the problem of information overload. Based on the user profile of interests and tendencies, the system recommends items of interest or value to the user. Content-based methods play a central role in recommendation systems because they can recommend information that has not been evaluated before and can adapt to differences in users’ personalities. This technology is used in different fields, such as email, news, search, etc. In the field of news, the goal of content-based recommendation technology is to aggregate news based on users’ interests and create a “newspaper” of their own for each user. (Think about what a newspaper contains and how it solves users’…

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