Death of the Google Spirit: Farewell to the Ideals and Beliefs of the Past

The discussion caused by the death of Google Reader is far from over. More and more people are participating in it. The focus of everyone’s attention is not only the current situation and future of RSS services, not only the adjustment and development of Google’s business base, but also Google’s culture and philosophy. of transmutation. Blogger Huo Ju reflected and summarized this in a long article. In his opinion, Google, which is now vigorously promoting “integration” under the leadership of Larry Page and putting Google+ at the center of its business, is no longer the Don who once strived for innovation and openness. Google ‘t be evil anymore. ​ ​ The youngest Google has grown old quietly, even older than Microsoft. TECH2IPO has abridged the original text. 1. Search and socialization The former product manager of Google Reader answered a question about the closure of Reader on Quora. The main reason for the closure of Google Reader was Google Plus. This is not an unexpected answer. After Google forced Reader’s sharing function to Google Plus, many people knew that this day would come sooner or later. A few years ago, SNS did not cover enough of the population, and at…

Don’t always rely on machines MongoDB extensions demonstrate sharding capabilities

Don’t always rely on machines MongoDB extensions demonstrate sharding capabilities

Johannes Brandstettercs is currently the Director of Development Operations at omSysto GmbH. He once served as 1&1 IT Manager; he is committed to project research on MongoDB, Hadoop, and AWS. Looking at the design of the most advanced application modeling and infrastructure best implementations, it is easy to find a problem: if you need rapid growth in performance and adapt to free scaling from 0 to 10 million requests, there is only one way to go – Scale Out! Scaling usually describes a method of adding more resources to a system. It needs to be distinguished from two aspects: Scale vertically/up Vertical expansion means adding resources to a single node in the system, typically increasing the CPU or memory of a single computer. Scale horizontally/out Horizontal scaling means increasing the number of nodes in the system, such as adding computers to a distributed software application. To give a simple example, increase the number of servers in the Web server system from 1 to 3. With MongoDB, you can scale in two ways according to your needs: focus on read operations or improve write operations. 10gen tells us some extension options: “With built-in scale-out capabilities, MongoDB allows users to quickly build…

Urs Hälzle, the hero behind the Google empire

In 1988, Urs Hälzle received a PhD in computer science from his hometown of ETH Zurich and received a Fulbright Science Scholarship. In 1994, he received his PhD from Stanford University. At that time, his research focused on programming languages ​​and their efficient implementation. Together with David Griswold (now a communications researcher at Google) and Lars Bak (the developer of Google Chrome V8), he developed a high-performance Java virtual machine called HotSpot based on this research, which was used by Sun’s business unit JavaSoft (later renamed Acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1997 as Sun’s original Java virtual machine. Prior to joining Google, he served as an associate professor in the computer science department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He designed and led Google to build an extremely efficient data center that is said to consume less than half the energy of a traditional data center. From a storage perspective, Hölzle’s planning content mainly refers to Google File System (GFS), which includes thousands of ordinary servers based on Linux systems. These servers are clustered together to handle large shared files, often several gigabytes in size. A record on the Google Search Labs website shows that the company’s largest cluster…

HTML5 web game technology Google Chrome Web Store is about to be completed

HTML5 web game technology Google Chrome Web Store is about to be completed

(Picture/Excerpted from TechCrunch website) Google revealed its Chrome OS in November last year, and also mentioned that it would launch an online store for users to pay or download for free to expand Chrome OS functions. At the Game Developers Conference this year, it also demonstrated its HTML5 technology for rendering web games. It was revealed at the conference that the Chrome Web Store would be launched in October. Recently, Google has begun to notify developers in the United States to link their expected App programs to Google Checkout and allow program content to be previewed online (Google also pointed out that preview projects should include App icons, detailed descriptions, content screenshots or displays image) There is still no further actual launch time, but at least it is certain that Google has reminded developers to prepare to upload App-related introduction content. The day when you can see the Chrome Web Store screen should not be far away?

Google executive satirizes new version of Facebook as copying Google+

Google executive satirizes new version of Facebook as copying Google+

Facebook released its latest News feed feature on Thursday. Urs Holzer, Google’s senior vice president of technology infrastructure, publicly mocked him on Google+ Morning news, Facebook launched a new version of the “News Feed” design this week. However, the design is believed to be copied from Google’s social network Google+. Urs Holzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure at Google, said: “It’s great to see Mark Zuckerberg promoting Google+. Imitation is the best form of flattery.” While tech companies borrow each other’s designs, and there aren’t many effective ways to display images on the web and mobile devices, Facebook’s new design does resemble Google+. But Facebook’s new design may please users because it provides more user control. Before launching the new feed design, Facebook has stated that the new design will be able to display larger photos and videos, bringing a richer media experience. Jeff Semones, president of social media marketing company M80, had previously predicted: “The new News Feed will look similar to Google+. No one will admit it, but Facebook has attended Google’s school to learn how to win. Advertising market.”

PHP connection to MongoDB example

Example of PHP connection to MongoDB: <?php //The default port 27017 is used to connect to the local machine. Of course, you can also connect to a remote host such as If the port is 27017, the port Can be omitted $m = new Mongo(); //Select comedy database. If the database has not been created before, it will be automatically created. You can also use $m->selectDB(“comedy”); $db = $m->comedy; //Select the collection in comedy, which is equivalent to the table in RDBMS, and can also be used $collection = $db->collection; $db->selectCollection(“collection”); //Add an element $obj = array( “title” => “Calvin and Hobbes-“.date('i:s'), “author” => “Bill Watterson” ); //Add $obj to the $collection collection $collection->insert($obj); //Add another element $obj = array( “title” => “XKCD-“.date('i:s'), “online” => true ); $collection->insert($obj); //Query all records $cursor = $collection->find(); //Traverse the documents in all collections foreach ($cursor as $obj) { echo $obj[“title”] . “\n”; } //Delete all data $collection->remove(); //Delete name as hm $collection->remove(array('name'=>'hm')); //Disconnect MongoDB $m->close(); ?>

GoogleVoice SMS API based on PHP

Google Voice does not provide an official API interface, but it can actually be implemented through HTTP and XML requests. Most of the APIs that can be found on the Internet are traced back to this topic post by Chad Smith. To send text messages through Google Voice, you must first log in to your Google Voice account, then take out the “_rnr_se” parameter from the page, and finally POST this parameter, the other party’s mobile phone number, and the text message content to the Google Voice SMS address. Tyler Hall once wrote a php class for Google Voice, but it was not successful when I tried it. I was always stuck in the process of logging in to Google Voice. I developed this class a second time and rewrote most of the code. After actual attempts, I did not use Chad Smith’s XML request address, but used the mobile terminal version of Google Voice request address and changed the parameters of the POST request as needed, and finally got a Google Voice text message sending tool based on PHP,The calling address is at, and the project address is at Unfortunately, Tianyi 189 number is not supported by…

Google, Microsoft and Netflix plan to encrypt HTML5 media content

Google, Microsoft and Netflix plan to encrypt HTML5 media content

Google, Microsoft, and Netflix have proposed Encrypted Media Extensions, which would encrypt HTML5 audio and video files. The proposal would enable applications on the web and elsewhere to use keys to control whether they have access to specific media streams, thereby enabling support for key or Any format of bit can be used under HTML5. This will eliminate objections from Adobe and other relevant providers regarding copyright restrictions on HTML5 content. Content providers such as paid movie services have faced HTML5 restrictions on local mobile applications. Netflix will have the choice to abandon the Silverlight plug-in, while Google will abandon YouTube Flash content on the Android market, and Microsoft will use HTML5 in the Xbox 360. However, this proposal has problems at both the technical and company cooperation levels: It will break many standards at once and may hurt some HTML5 supporters. The W3C said it is considering this proposal, but did not say when it would make a decision. As an unofficial draft, it can be implemented before it is approved. ​

Google Flash HTML5 conversion tool Swiffy released in beta

The Flash conversion HTML5 tool launched by Google in June this year has been transferred from the laboratory to the beta version, and a Flash Professional extension module has been added, which can directly save files in HTML5 format. At the beginning, Swiffy only allowed users to upload Flash .swf files as a website, supporting the swf 8 format and ActionScript 2.0 command set used by Flash. Its output format is HTML5, mainly for browsers developed by Webkit such as Chrome and Safari. The newly added Flash Professional extension module supports Flash CS4 and later versions. Visit: In addition to Google Swiffy, Adobe provided a Flash conversion HTML5 tool Wallaby through its laboratory as early as March this year, which can convert the original Flash file format .fla to HTML5 format. Adobe also launched Edge, an editing tool developed for HTML5, in August. Since there are many websites that use Flash, and the conversion tools provided by Adobe and Google are mainly designed to convert simple Flash programs, other vendors, such as Dyad Communications, etc., provide tools to allow a large number of websites that use Flash technology to convert to HTML5. Save some manpower.

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